Celebrating April Fools' Day at The Holiday Zone

Children's Songs for April Fools' Day


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April Fools' Day
to the tune of "Ten Little Indians"

April Fools' Day comes once a year,
Time for fun and time for cheer,
Time to trick your friends and family,
Hee - hee - hee- hee - hee!

April Fools' Day's Here
to the tune of "Jingle Bells"

April Fools', April Fools',
April Fools' Day's here!
You trick me and I trick you,
What a fun day of the year!
April Fool! April Fool!
There's no need to fear.
Only harmless pranks and jokes
Are played on friends so dear.

April Fool

(Action Rhyme; Copyright 2000, The Teaching and Learning Company)
Little bears have three feet. (Hold up three fingers.)
Little birds have four. (Hold up four fingers.)
Little cows have two feet. (Hold up two fingers.)
And girls and boys have more. (Hold up five fingers.)
Do you (Point to children.) believe my story? (Point to temple.)
Do you (Point to children.) believe my song? (Point to temple.)
I'll tell it only once a year (Hold up index finger.)
When April comes along. (Clap hands.)

It's April Fools' Day Today

to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell

It's April Fools' Day today.
It's April Fools' Day today.
Harmless tricks are fun to play!
It's April Fools' Day today.

The First Day of April
to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

Today is the first day of April,
We celebrate April Fool's Day.
Today is the first day of April,
A day full of fun, hooray!
Pranks, jokes, riddles,
Crazy mix-ups, hooray, hooray!
Tricks and laughter --
We celebrate April Fool's Day

The Elephant Song
This delightful song by Eric Herman embodies the silly spirit of April Fools' Day and has been a favorite of every group of children I've ever shared it with. If you love this song as much as my students and children do, please consider showing your support for the artist by purchasing the full MP3 version here.


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