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• Sunday, November 16th, 2008

If you asked me to name my favorite season, I’d be hard-pressed to do so. You see, my favorite time of the year encompasses the end of autumn and the beginning of winter — mid-November through the end of December, to be exact. And not just because I happen to operate a holiday website.

I enjoy most holidays. But I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much, in fact, that Christmas has come early to our house. In years past, the tree has gone up the weekend after Thanksgiving. This time around, though, Hubby set the Christmas tree up for me last night — in part because we’ll spend Thanksgiving weekend at his parents house this year and in part because we needed to get the tree out of the car trunk!

While hubby assembled the tree, I rummaged through our still-packed household goods and found most of the the Christmas decorations we’d had in Korea. Unfortunately, the angel tree-topper apparently didn’t make it back with us, and the nativity set I’ve never liked did. (Lyrics of “Some Children See Him” notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure the Christ-child didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes!) Minor issues aside, the living room now sports a festive look, and the rest of the house is beginning to take shape as well.

Now, to finish shopping and start in on holiday goodies!