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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Children's Games for Cinco de Mayo

Chili Pepper Relay
Divide students into two or more teams and have each team form a line. Give each team a long red balloon (their "chili pepper). They must pass their chili pepper down the line as quickly as possible. The first player passes it between his legs, the second over her head, the third between his legs, and so on. When it reaches the last child, she must race to the front of her team's line and start the chili pepper down again. The relay ends when the first player from one of the teams reaches the back of his team's line, gets the chili pepper, and returns it to the front of the line.

General Ignacio Zaragoza Says ...
Play like "Simon Says," but substitute the name of the general who led poorly-equipped Mexican troops to victory over French forces in the Batalla de Puebla.

Explain that the Mexican troops did not have a lot of resources with which to fight, but that they listened and followed orders. Encourage students to listen carefully and follow directions quickly as they play this game.

Hide and Seek
Teach students how to count to ten in Spanish.

Play the traditional game of hide-and-seek, but direct the student who is It to count to ten in Spanish before yelling, "Here I come!" or "¡Ya me voy!"

Jumping Beans
Direct children to jump like jumping beans whenever they hear music playing and to stop immediately when the music stops. Anyone who moves after the music stops is out. Play until one winner remains. (Use Mexican music, of course.)
Children doing the limbo

Limbo Stick
Use colored masking tape to decorate a long wooden pole or stick. (A piece of one-inch PVC piping works well.) Turn on some Mexican music, and teach students to do the limbo. Lower the pole a couple of inches after each round. Continue lowering the pole until only one player remains.

Steal the Sombrero
Copy and cut out one sombrero for each student. Tape sombreros to students' backs. Each student must try to steal others' sombreros without losing his or her own. Any student who loses his or her sombrero must immediately replace it with one he or she has stolen. If the student does not have another sombrero with which to replace his or her stolen one, he or she is out.
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