Happy Labor Day!

Recommended Links to Other Labor Day Resources

An Eclectic List of Events in the History of U.S. Labor
This page features a chronology of labor struggles in the U.S. In several instances, worker protests led to deadly intervention by management or even the U.S. government. Because the nature of some of the incidents related, this site is not recommended for young viewers.

Annie's Labor Day Page
Annie's Labor Day page begins with a Bible study on the subject of labor. Also featued is a list of the ten largest labor unions in the U.S. and a list of all twentieth-century U.S. Secretaries of Labor.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
This site offers a good starting point for examining the current state of the U.S. economy as well as regional job markets. Data is provided for several months, allowing for comparison and contrast. Many BOL publications are also available online.

A Curriculum of United States Labor History for Teachers
This curriculum guide is created by James D. Brown, Jr. for the Illinois Labor History Society traces the history of U.S. labor from Colonial times to the present day.

Child Labor in America
A HistoryChannel.com photo essay of child labor during the early 20th century. Based on the work of Lewis. W. Hine.

Celebrate Holidays in the U.S.A.: Labor Day
Recounts the history of this day in story format. From the U.S. Embassy in Sweden.

Community Helpers
Offers songs, poems, literacy activities, crafts, and learning center tasks to familiarize young children with the people who serve and protect them.

Holiday Express: Labor Day
Collection of preschool activities from Jean Warren.

Inside an American Factory
Collection of 21 actuals films taken inside Westinghouse factories in 1904. From the Library of Congress.

Labor Day Crafts
Printable crafts, worksheets and mini-books from EnchantedLearning.com

Labor Day Greetings
Provides e-cards and a short history of the holiday's origins.

The Origins of Labor Day
Part of the PBS web site, this page provides information about the origins of Labor Day that was first aired in a September 1996 News Hour.

U.S. Department of Labor: The History of Labor Day
This page relates the origins of Labor Day and explains the holiday's significance.

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